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Website Development

There thousands of web development companies in the United States, in fact online there are thousands upon thousands of listing that appear on the results page of Google or any other search engine one may use to type “top website companies near me”.  What separates Baseline ROI in the web development arena from other web development companies is that we build our clients a site that is esthetically pleasing but just as importantly a site that is functional and search engine friendly. 

“Design doesn’t just matter, it’s 50% of the battle.”

-Rand Fishkin

What You Can Expect From A BaseLine ROI Website:

  • A good-looking Website That Is In Line With Your Corporate Identity
  • A website with proper SEO Architecture
  • A light site – a website that loads quickly
  • Some keyword orientation, easy for the search engines to read
  • A site that is functional and easy to navigate
  • Responsive web design for compatibility with smart phones, tablets and computer screens

At BaseLine ROI we understand that there is more to a website than simply looking good.  In the end there is a lot of behind the scene that needs to take place for potential customers to find your site on any of the search engines for something other than your name.  We are a premium SEO provider and therefore each site we build is designed with SEO web architecture in mind.  Call us today for a no obligation free design consultation. Call 202-656-8417

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