Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing


Understanding social media and the impact it can have on a brand is something a lot of business struggle with.  At BaseLine ROI we focus on building a community around our client’s brand by sharing quality content and engaging in real conversations that over time build trust in the businesses we represent.  Social media allow businesses to maintain hundreds and even thousands of relationships efficiently and effectively and is a must for business to make it to the next level in the world today.

Community building is the best long term social media strategy.  It can be difficult at time to measure monetarily in terms of direct ROI because it’s difficult to track community advocacy.  Advocacy is by far one of social media’s strongest values and our clients enjoy the increase in website traffic, leads and revenue generated from the various social media channels set up for them.

What We Do:

  • Help you setup your social media accounts
  • Manage scheduled posts and shares on a continuous basis
  • Set up and manage extremely targeted paid ads on social media sites
  • Call us today and get a free Social Media Analysis!!!  202-656-8417


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