Welcome to BaseLine ROI SEO and Web Strategy Consultancy

BaseLine ROI is a marketing and brand management consultancy whose team of consultants, strategists and developers are fanatical about making our clients’ brands ridiculously successful in the online world. To generate substantive and measurable outcomes, the BaseLine ROI team focus on building our client’s presence across the web and then optimizing every component of the strategy. Our expertise includes website development, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and video marketing using steaming sites such as YouTube.  We have nearly 20 years of experience placing our client’s messages in front of their target market using traditional media outlets and most importantly now digital media sources running 1000’s of successful campaigns for hundreds of clients through the US.  At BaseLine ROI we understand the psychology behind decision-making process that consumers and businesses alike go through from start to finish before making a purchase.  Our team works closely with clients to help them figure out exactly who their target market is, isolating those with in that market into multiple segments and designing mini marketing campaigns targeting their potential customers as they move through the purchasing process.  Our consultants are experts in analyzing your business and identifying the profit centers with in a business and marketing those products and services maximizing potential profits. 

In addition, to setting up and managing targeted campaigns across multiple platforms BaseLine ROI tracks our client’s results.  Using the analytics generated by each campaign, our team analyzes the data and are then able to optimize based on the successful results.

BaseLine Media and Consulting